26. Appendix B: API Reference


This document was written for Zope 2.

26.1. Introduction

This reference describes the interfaces to the most common set of basic Zope objects. This reference is useful while writing Page Templates, DTML, Python scripts, and Product code.

The intended audience is able to read simple Python code and has at least passing experience with object-oriented programming.

The reference is not a tutorial. Nor is it a substitute for reading the rest of the Zope Book. Examples, where they are provided, are intended to be illustrative, but not comprehensive.

26.2. Sorry

The manually maintained API reference wasn’t such a good idea.

Converting it from the original source of structured text to reStructuredText was too much work to be done. We will look into auto-generating the API documentation from docstrings at some point.

Reading the code is your best bet for now.