Change log

These are all the changes for Zope 5, starting with the alpha releases.

The change log for the previous version, Zope 4, is at

5.0a1 (unreleased)

  • Remove deprecated postProcessInputs request method (#782)
  • Clean up and sanitize permissions used for WebDAV-related methods
  • Fix sort link URLs on manage_main (#748)
  • More tests to make sure all __str__ implementations return native strings (#692)
  • Restore WebDAV support in Zope (#744)
  • Fix longstanding test bug by forcing the page template engine. Many tests in Products.PageTemplates used the old Zope page template engine because the correct one was not registered during setup.
  • Remove deprecated module ZPublisher.maybe_lock (#758)
  • Remove Help System methods from the product context (#756)
  • Remove more deprecated code (#757)
  • Close opened db during shutdown (as ZServer is already doing). (#740)
  • Updated Zope documentation sources for Zope 5 (#659)
  • The method unrestrictedTraverse raises an error when the argument path is not something it can work with (#674)
  • Improve ZMI Security Tab usability for high numbers of roles (#730)
  • Some small ZMI rendering fixes (#729)
  • Fix error when using database minimize in the ZMI (#726)
  • Fix __getattr__ signature in UnauthorizedBinding (#703)
  • Remove more Python 2 support code (#692)
  • Move retried request delay handling out of supports_retry (#474)
  • Remove all backwards-compatibility code marked to go away in Zope 5 (#478)
  • Fix VirtualHostMonster not being able to set mappings under Python 3. (#708)
  • Reduce the danger of acquiring built-in names on the ZMI Find tab (#712)
  • Restore the mistakenly removed Properties ZMI tab on Image objects (#706)
  • Fix OFS.Image.File.__str__ for Pdata contents (#711)
  • Add wsgi.file_wrapper implementation (#719)
  • Set REMOTE_USER in wsgi environ using Zope user authentication (#713)
  • Improve documentation for Zope’s error logging services.
  • Add Paste as extras_require dependency to pull in Paste when installing with pip and constraints.txt to prevent startup errors. This requires adding the [wsgi] extra in the egg specification. (#734)

Backwards incompatible changes

  • Drop support for Python 2.7 aka Zope 5 cannot be run on Python 2 any more. If you are still running on Python 2.7 upgrade to the latest Zope 4 version first, migrate to Python 3 and than switch to Zope 5. (#692)
  • Remove Python 2 support code and dependency on six. (#692)
  • Drop support for running Zope with ZServer as it is Python 2 only. (#592)