Maintenance information


This is internal documentation for Zope developers having to create official Zope releases.

Release process


The following persons have access to the Zope package on PyPI (in order to release new versions):

  • Hanno Schlichting
  • Michael Howitz
  • Tres Seaver
  • Jens Vagelpohl

Steps for creating a new Zope release

  • Check the versions.cfg file for outdated or updated packages and update version information where necessary.

  • Update version information:

    • (remove dev postfix)
    • versions-prod.cfg (pin Zope)
    • requirements-full.txt (pin Zope)
  • The requirements-full.txt is autogenerated on each bin/buildout run. So instead of manually adjusting it, you can update versions-prod.cfg and then run bin/buildout once.

  • Update docs/CHANGES.rst with a release date.

  • Run all tests:

  • Tag the release.

  • Upload the tagged release to PyPI:

    python2.7 egg_info -RDb '' sdist bdist_wheel upload --sign
  • Update version information:

    • (bump version number, add dev postfix)
    • versions-prod.cfg (remove Zope pin)
    • requirements-full.txt (replace Zope pin by git reference, either manually or run bin/buildout).
  • Check the visible releases on at (should default to showing the active branches):