Special Users

Because Zope is managed through the web, user names and passwords must be used to assure that only authorized people can make changes to a Zope installation.

Adding Managers

If you need to add a Manager to an existing Zope instance, you can do this using addzope2user as follows:

$ bin/addzope2user user password

The script expects to find the configuration file at etc/wsgi.conf.

The Initial User

An initial username and password is needed to “bootstrap” the creation of normal managers of your Zope site. This is accomplished through the use of the ‘inituser’ file in the directory specified as the instance home.

The first time Zope starts, it will detect that no users have been defined in the root user folder. It will search for the ‘inituser’ file and, if it exists, will add the user defined in the file to the root user folder.

Normally, ‘inituser’ is created by the makewsgiinstance install script.