Signals (POSIX only)

Signals are a POSIX inter-process communications mechanism. If you are using Windows then this documentation does not apply.

Zope responds to signals which are sent to the process id specified in the file ‘$INSTANCE_HOME/var/’:

SIGHUP  - close open database connections, then restart the server
          process. A idiom for restarting a Zope server is:

          kill -HUP `cat $INSTANCE_HOME/var/`

SIGTERM - close open database connections then shut down. A common
          idiom for shutting down Zope is:

          kill -TERM `cat $INSTANCE_HOME/var/`


SIGUSR1 - dump a stack trace of all threads to stdout. This can help
          diagnosing `stuck` Zope processes if all threads are stuck.

SIGUSR2 - close and re-open all Zope log files (z2.log, event log,
          detailed log.) A common idiom after rotating Zope log files

          kill -USR2 `cat $INSTANCE_HOME/var/`